Bratislava Cantat, Jurymember, april 2017

I am so proud to take part as a jury member in Bratislava Cantat with very good colleges ! It was so many good choirs , conductors and repertoar. Bratislava Music Agency have many good festivals every year!


Jury in Bratislava Cantat , april 2017
Ondrej Saray, Slovakia, Milan Kolena, artistic director, Slovakia, Jürgen Partaj, Austria, Luc Anthonis, Belgium, Benedykt Blondski, Polan, Dariusz Dyczewski, Poland, Margrethe Ek, Norway

Masterclass with VMU Academic choir “Vivere Cantus”22.-24. feb. 2017

For Three days I have great time With the Young choir «VIVERE CANTUS» from Kaunas,Lithuainia. With Enthsiastic singers  on bacheolor and masterprogram in Music and the great Conductor Rolandas Daugela, we work With vocal tequnic and wonderful Music from Lithaunia and Norway. I am so honored that VIVERE CANTUS invited me to have masterclass With them!